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When I first heard of the ipad I was skeptical. Aside from the name (which I still don’t like) I didn’t understand how there could possibly be a need for one with a Macbook and iphone already sharing custody of my free time. I admit I was wrong.

We have had one here for about a month now and the part that has surprised me the most is the amount of ways we can use it for our business. From notes you can take and email directly, to the obvious sketch book applications to using it as a portfolio its a really handy device. I cant help but feel though, that there are some hidden apps out there that would make it even better. I have spent the majority of my time looking through the free ones but now that the ipad and I have been together for a little while, it feels ok to spend some cash on her. So if you have any apps that you have heard of or ones that you would die without – let me know!

| October 10 | Technology
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  1. Midtown says:

    I have noticed the iPad is becoming more common in “business” situations. Three times in the last month I have seen people using them to take notes during meetings. I expecthis will be a much more common occurance int he coming year.

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