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I have a cat – and while I love having a pet who thinks I am the centre of the universe, sometimes I wish he would find a way to self entertain. Lazy? Yes. Mean? Maybe a little.

When I heard that Friskies had developed a fun way to entertain pets via an iPad app I was all over it. I don’t feed my pet Friskies but he doesn’t know that so I didn’t feel bad shoving a glowing logo under his nose and seeing what would happen. In my head I envisioned him turning into a gamer who just couldn’t live without the soft light coming from the screen as he chased the swimming fish around in the water. Instead of dragging a toy around the house behind me I would just sit him in front of the ipad and go about my business (I am going to make a great parent someday). Or maybe we would add one more seat to our desk and the three of us could stare at our screens for hours at night.

So what really happened? He took a look at it and left. No matter what we tried he just didn’t seem to care that there were things moving around on the screen. We even went as far as working his paws for him and nothing. My dream died when he returned with one of his old mice to throw.

After my super scientific experiment, I am left wondering is it just my cat or are pets not quite ready to join us in our digital era?

| June 6 | Technology
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