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Even when I travel, I can’t turn it off. I always find myself checking out the local marketing and advertising. I find it to be just so amusing.

Case in point. I came back from a little getaway to Maui in February and there were three things that left me both laughing out loud as well as thinking, “Oh my. Somebody approved that.”

I couldn’t wait to share the front page of the Hana Side News with our graphic designers. Apparently there is a fire ant invasion and it looks like those fire ants are moving awfully close to shore.

Hanaside News

Now what makes this even funnier is knowing that it is humpback whale season and you simply can’t look anywhere towards the water without seeing whale sightings. Perceptively speaking, it appears the fire ants on Maui are the same size as the 50-foot, 30-50 ton whales. Everyone better run for the hills.

Next, we passed a serene ocean side graveyard where the sign on the building noted it to be a “Zen Cemetery”. Then I spotted it; the sign located right on the property promoting an important upcoming event. Immediately I thought, “Huh. Why yes, that is bazaar all right.”

photo 1

The last one I wasn’t able to get a picture because we passed it too quickly but I burst out laughing when I saw a big sign in front of an ocean side house promoting a “Bed In Breakfast.” Now in my experience, I always thought it was a Bed AND Breakfast. I could be wrong.

Well, perhaps the owners were trying to promote breakfast in bed and simply got their words mixed up. I should have gone back to ask.

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