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The holidays are a time for traditions and everyone has different ones. We asked our zag team to share their most special Christmas tradition and here’s what they had to say! Regardless of how you celebrate, on behalf of us all, we hope your holidays are filled with happiness and good cheer.


Watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, the original – LOVE THAT MOVIE.


As long as I can remember, my family and I have always eaten chocolate donuts (special shout-out to the Entenmann’s company) on Christmas morning as a pre-breakfast breakfast.  


My favourite holiday tradition is the annual decorating of the Christmas tree. Not only does it signify that the holidays are officially upon us, but atop our tree is not an angel, nor a star, but a figurine of Batman, which further propels the awesomeness of the holidays. #theknightbeforexmas


My favourite Christmas tradition is changing into my new pair of PJs I receive the night of Christmas Eve. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of putting on loose PJs after eating a huge meal #foodbaby 


When I was growing up,  getting new and comfy pyjamas on Christmas Eve was always a highlight to making the night warm and relaxing.


When I was a kid my mom made a special breakfast for Christmas morning, which of course we said we hated as kids mainly because we had to eat before we were allowed to open presents. I now make the same breakfast for my family, except it goes in the oven while we open presents and we eat later.


My favourite holiday tradition is watching my mom scramble to prepare our stockings… on Christmas morning. Not a year goes by where she doesn’t wait until the last minute to assemble everything.


Every Boxing Day, my sister, mom, and I hit up West Edmonton Mall like the lawless, hell-bent freaks we are. The deals aren’t great, and someone always cries, but it’s the only tradition we’ve kept up over the years.


There is nothing quite like coming home from the Christmas Eve Service to a big table of meat, cheese and chocolate fondue surrounded by delicious appetizers. This is a family tradition that I never want to let go of. I feel like it is perfect because it kicks off Christmas and helps me to stretch my tummy for a week of overeating.


Every year, sometime around my Christmas, my mom usually makes us all sit-down and watch the 1946 classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” on VHS. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen it, I usually always cry when George Bailey comes home.


I really love the holidays and all holiday-related activities. At some point during the season I make sure to make a massive mug of hot chocolate, sit down with the Christmas tree lights on, and listen to the entire Boney M. Christmas Album.


On Christmas morning when we were small kids, we would be up at 5am jumping on my parents bed, squealing with glee and proclaiming that “Santa had come!  Santa had come!” My dad would grumpily try to send us back to bed (which never worked) and because he was in charge of handing out the Christmas presents, we tried desperately to get him on duty ASAP. Thus, the game would begin. Without exception, he first had to get a coffee, read the paper, go to the bathroom or whatever stall tactic he could come up with. I just remember climbing out of our skins with excitement and it was torture every year having to wait for him. We still laugh at that today as one of our fondest memories. Today we, as the parents, bounce on all of our adult children’s beds on Christmas morning proclaiming that it’s time to wake up! Wait a second, somehow the tables have turned or could it be that some things never change?


My favourite holiday tradition is getting together with my friends and going carolling on Boxing Day. A big group of us rent a bus and go around the city getting food, drinks and donations at every house we visit. 


When I was a kid (and still to this day) my parents always made us a “drink” for gift opening that consisted of Kahlua and milk. When we were younger it was more milk than anything but as we get older it gets stronger and it just isn’t Christmas if we don’t have one.

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