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I’ve always found March to be a bit of a bummer. It gets kind of windy, things melt, then freeze, then melt again, then freeze again, and you comically slip and fall while running to work because you didn’t realize it was daylight savings time and now you’re late, and, judging by the smirking construction worker putting away his phone, you’re probably on YouTube too. What I’m saying is that March is a drag.

Luckily, there is a really good way to combat the March blahs: eat great food until you can’t feel your toes anymore. And boy does Edmonton have some great places to eat yourself into atrophy at. As I was checking out Avenue’s 4th annual Best Restaurant Issue it struck me how awesome it is to live in a place with such a great selection of high-quality dining, and how incredibly lucky we at zag are to be neighbours with many of the amazing restaurants featured this year.

It’s a pretty unique thing to be able to walk ten steps out of your office and
grab a Cappuccino at Credo (1st – Best Café),
a lemon tart at 
The Dauphine (2nd – Best Desserts),
some post work appetizers at 
Tzin (2nd – Best Small Plates),
and then meander down the street to 
Rostizado (1st – Best New Restaurant, 2nd – Best Latin) for some the most amazing roasted cauliflower you’ve ever tasted in your life.

So if you’re having trouble shaking away the clingy winter blues, come meet me #on104th street and we’ll eat until it’s summer again.

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