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I’ve read a number of articles about email lately for some reason, which is actually quite timely as I have been contemplating my hatred of it.  What I have come to learn though is this:

1)  Many people incorrectly and ineffectually use email

2)  It’s ok NOT to reply

3)  I have let email control my life

Now to explain:

1)   Incorrect and ineffective usage of email is sending paragraphs and barfing information and questions everywhere.  Obviously there are some exceptions here but as a rule, email should be about quick communication.  Emails that are too long and do not highlight main points are not respective of the reader’s time, run the risk of not being read and worse, not responded to.

Email spammers and blabbers of the world take note, your emails might not be getting read.

2)   NNTR – No need to reply.  I understand we are all polite people but we don’t need to send emails that say “thanks”, “ok”, “got it” and “stand by”.

This is something I’m going to try really hard not to do because like the rest of the world, I am a big offender.

3)   I am guilty of sending incorrect and ineffective emails sure, but I’m also guilty of LETTING email get the better of me.  I check it incessantly.  It’s really quite sad but when I look and see that I have email, I feel the need to deal with it right away.  Of course the sheer amount of email I get also makes regular checking necessary.

So instead of letting email derail me, I’m going to try to only check it every 20 mins. (ish) during work hours.

If you need me urgently or have a lot to say, you might want to call!


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