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I realized that I really love love.

I mean I know that we all do but I realize that I REALLY love love.

Sure, it could be because it’s my anniversary this week and I am feeling all “twitter-pated” and grateful for my fabulous husband but it just got me thinking about all the things that I love with all this “love is in the air” stuff going on.

Dare I put a marketing spin on it and say that all this love business has essentially been very “top of mind” for me lately?  Sure, let’s go with that.

On that lovely note, I just want to share my top 10 things that I am really loving huge these days:

1. I really love my husband.  See above.  He is a priceless gift to me.

2. I really love my family.  I feel so blessed to have a good one.

3. I really love my business partners.  They are spectacular people and the reason I come to work with a smile on my face every day.

4. I really love my work.  I get to do what I love to do everyday and for that I’m so thankful.

5. I really love our clients.  They are nice, respectful, proactive and collaborative and they make working really hard for them, all worthwhile.

6. I really love making a difference.  I love giving back to the community and knowing that it’s really making an impact.

7. I really love sharing our skills and talents.  We are really good at what we do (just sayin…) and when we get to work for people who appreciate and value what we do, it makes all the difference in the world.

8. I love coffee.  Okay, that’s not new and perhaps a bit random but it’s relevant so I thought I’d throw it in.

9. I love Edmonton.  More specifically, I really love the people in this city and how most folks are warm, wonderful and always willing to help.

10.  I love that I used the word love 26 times in this blog.

Wow, I really love that I could have kept going because there were so many other things that were coming to mind that I really love.

Hmmm…I love that.



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