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Sounds creepy doesn’t it? Well before you start searching your preferences to ensure I am not watching you through your web cam, let me explain.

I spend a lot of my free time reading forums, but never in my life have I ever made a comment. Not one.

I prefer to observe and enjoy undetected, because something deep within is terrified of being flamed for my thoughts. Weird I know. I try and tell myself that no one actually knows who I am and it shouldn’t matter but I still find it odd how afraid I am of being judged by internet strangers. Perhaps its the many posts I have read where some innocent comment invites the wrath of the masses and yet these are the ones that keep me lurking. I LOVE reading the ensuing fallout – its kinda like watching a fist fight from the shadows.

Making entries in this blog is like a cruel twist of fate – my thoughts are floating about in cyberspace begging to be judged. So go ahead, comment. Just remember I am lurking.

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