zag creative

So it is no secret that our company name is about standing out, being different, zaging when everyone else zigs. All that cliche stuff that marketing and advertising people talk about.
But what does it really mean – to zag?

I was in Paris last Fall and I stayed at this great little boutique hotel. Why did I choose it? TripAdvisor. This hotel had the corner market on being different and having people talk about it in the most positive ways online. I was amazed that people were so driven to make comments on TripAdvisor. There were a few negative comments, but even those were dealt with in short order by the General Manager directly on TripAdvisor.

When I arrived at the hotel, the hotel asked me to feel free to go to TripAdvisor and review them, when I signed the guest book there was a note that asked me to go to TripAdvisor and share about my stay, and when I checked out, they gave me a handbill with the information for trip advisor and where to go in order to review them should I feel the urge.

Then it clicked, the reason this hotel had people coming to it time and time again was because the hotel knew how to zag, they knew how to stand out, be different, and have people talk about them in a positive way. They also knew how to deal with negative experiences and look like the heroes.

This is all very basic, but the theory remains the same, when everyone is doing something, take an idea, and do something completely different to stand out and get noticed. The pay off will be exponential.

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