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Our family is a very diverse bunch with unique interests and passions. And even though I love that about them, it does pose a challenge when searching for that perfect gift because it is definitely NOT one size fits all. Call me practical but I want to give my family something I KNOW they will love and use versus something I THINK they might and then it just gets shelved. I don’t want a “Gift Fail”.

Now I did do some creative investigating. For those that didn’t offer their ideas, I reached out and said “Hey, the North Pole called and the elves need your help. They are standing by to get to work on your gifts but they need a bit more direction. Do you think you could drop me few hints that I could pass along to them?”

Well, our 25-year-old daughter sent along some ideas and I was so proud. On the top of her list was “A child sponsorship with Plan Canada for 6 months or purchase a goat for the community”.   How great is that? I couldn’t think of anything better.



She also likes to the great outdoors and mentioned she needs a new sleeping bag and a hiker daypack.  So a MEC Gift Card could be the perfect gift for her.



Our 23 year old is the creative one who LOVES music. His favorite color is also brown. He is the kid that would rather save for something that is higher quality than cheap out on something that will break down so asked for some high quality headphones. For his big gift, we may invest in something like this for him:


His twin brother said “Mom, I don’t know what I want, but I know what I need. I am desperate for new clothes but it’s been so long since I’ve shopped, I don’t even know my style anymore.” I think that means we need to cut him loose in the Mall to go figure that out. For him, a WEM Gift Card will be perfect.


Our 24 year old son just bought his first house and since he has been tackling some of the renovations himself, he is in dire need of tools and house stuff (plus, we are finding things going missing at our house…hmmmm). So for all those little house necessities, we should just go practical with him and I think a gift card from here would be ideal. 15231.GC_TileLightsEN_4


Lastly, there is my husband. A number of years ago I bought him some slippers and he wears them everywhere including outside in the yard and the garage but its time. They need to be retired. So for him, I’m thinking about these:

Ugg Slippers


I also really enjoyed looking at for inspiration and think some are really great ideas.

So hopefully these might inspire you as your wrap up your holiday shopping! Happy Holidays everyone!

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