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It takes a lot of work to be a Hedgehog, especially here at zag. They gave me the title of Director of Human Resources so there is a lot of human stuff I have to do. As part of my role, I have to let these humans pick me up, give me baths, clip my nails (I DO NOT like that) and in return, I let them hang out at their desks with me, cuddle me and show me off to more humans that come by to see me. Occasionally I show them my softer side.

Sure, I put on a show. I like to play shy and nervous. I like to play “ball” and I also like to play “who can snort the loudest”. My favorite games though are “who can sleep the longest” and “cactus”. I usually win.

For a really special treat, I like to pee on them.

On the weekends, I usually hang out with Hannah but she had some things going on last weekend so I just hung out at the office. I got a little ambitious so I thought I would clean up my pen, pushing my blankets and papers to one side. Well hot diggity, what do you know? Maybe I should get a license for these guns. Turns out I’m SuperHedgie. I was able to push open the door of my pen and lo and behold – Giddy up! I was out!

I should have worn my Hedgeometer because I sure put some miles on that day during my excellent adventure.

Those humans are sure thoughtful. Stephan left some lunch on the ground for me to partake. Kara had some papers for me to roll in. Matt left a Red Bull for me to try. Hannah left her shoe for me to nuzzle and take a nap in. Marilee shared her chips with me. Kat lent her fancy pen to me. Elliott shared his headphones and killer tunes. Ashley left me a nice big glass of water. Megan’s phone cord was fun to slide down on. Emily’s glass desk was fun to smear my nose on. Ronda’s family pictures were sure cute to look at and Alyson’s dog bed was some comfortable. Trina’s snack jar is now empty. Oh, and I got nothing but the warmest welcome after my trek to Calgary to visit Jamie.

Phew. I think it’s time to play “who can sleep the longest” again.

(Oh, and special thanks to Ronda for helping me put my thoughts to paper)

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