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Pets are a big part of my family and are included in holidays and traditions.  Like some people say, your pets are your kids.

I dont dress them up and parade them around, but there is something about giving a nice “treat” to your four legged friend on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

A morning segment of “America’s Money” on ABC: Americans will spend $350 million this year on costumes for their pets. That’s up from $220 million just four years ago. The leading pet costume is a pumpkin, followed by a hotdog.

But costumes are more than just for dogs. There’s a new trend of costumes for pigs, guinea pigs, hedgehogs and EVEN bearded dragons.

Pig dressed as a turle cozyhedgiebags-tutu lamarmota-hotdog owlfeathersnfluff-dragon

If your significant other just isn’t into a couples costume this year, don’t fret you can go with your pet!  Ariel and Sebastian if you like Disney, or Batman and Robin if you want to go classic hero, or Daenerys Targaryen and one of her dragons if you’re into Game of Thrones.

ariel-sebastian Batman & Robin Daenery's Dragon

I don’t plan on dressing my dogs up anytime soon, I love them just the way they are, but these images all give me a smile in my day and brighten up my Halloween.

DSC08078 IMG_0074 IMG_0766

Happy Halloween everyone.

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