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Halloween has come and gone and we didn’t get very many kids this year. I am not sure if our house wasn’t scary enough, our neighbourhood too new or they maybe heard there was a hormonal pregnant lady inside, but we were left with mountains of leftovers.

Normally I would be ecstatic at the thought of having to eat it all myself but we are 4 days into the leftovers and I am getting sick of the sugar (I cant believe it either).

So what to do? Well I went searching for ideas and found everything ranging from leaving it anonymously on doorsteps around your neighbourhood, to freezing it (delaying the inevitable no?), baking with it and even something about a “Switch Witch“.

There were two ideas however that I thought were quite neat. I wonder if they have anything similar locally?

1. Earn some cash

Find your way to Illinois and give your candy to this guy. He apparently pays $1 to your kids and donates another $1 to a local charity for every pound you bring.


2. Feed the (American) soldiers

You can donate it to this site and they will make care packages out of your candy.

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