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I have always been someone who appreciates creativity; it inspires and excites me. What continually blows my mind is knowing that the end result started from a simple idea. Add in a lot of passion and hard work and it blossoms into something extraordinary.

I often catch myself thinking “Wow, someone thought of that!” I suppose it is because I understand what it takes to get there. Brilliance certainly takes time.

I was recently reminded of that again as we attended our twins graduation from the 3D Animation and Visual Effects program at the Vancouver Film School. As part of the graduation, we finally got to see the results of the last 6 months worth of blood, sweat and tears.

These 38 students shared their demo reels with us as we sat in a movie theatre for an hour and 20 minutes. It was incredible. I was surrounded by all of these young brilliant minds that are about to be released into the industry and I found myself blown away once again. Watch out world, here they come.

Our sons have far surpassed any ounce of creativity I may have and we could not be more proud. I want them to “grow on”.  We are just so excited for them as this is simply the beginning of what will be an awe-inspiring journey and career for them.

I could not resist sharing some of their work. Here are the links to the twins’ videos (make sure you watch till the end after the credits with Nathan’s) and some other awesome ones! Sit back, grab a small bag of popcorn and enjoy!

Nathan Dorfer 

Daniel Dorfer

Rodrigo Janz

Michael Cabrera

Vinicius Carneiro


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