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Gift Giving For Weirdos

Some people are really good at giving gifts. I am not one of those people. Nope. I am one of the people that fills with a crushing seasonal, existential dread at the casual dropping of the phrase “Secret Santa” by a co-worker that doesn’t understand what panic they’ve just put me in (I’m looking at you Michelle).

Why do I get so anxious about gift giving? My current theory is that I tend to be a bit of an over thinker. You might think this is a good thing as good gifts require planning and forethought about the receiver as a person. This is all well and good right up until you find yourself sweating bullets in Winners ten minutes before they close, being stared down by a teenage cashier while you struggle decide if your coworker would like the dark red scarf that would go great with this nail polish you saw her wear twice last month, or the extra dark red scarf because she likes red wine and at this point that seems like a good enough reason to buy anything.

I am positive I can’t be the only person with this problem. Luckily, as with most problems, the solution is on the Internet. Go to get some great ideas before you head out to shop and put that gift giving anxiety to rest.

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