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By now everyone has at least heard of Flappy Bird with its meteoric rise and end. Aside from the crazy story behind the game, I was fascinated to learn just how much those tiny ads at the top truly generated in income for the developer.

Now I’m no stranger to the ads – we create and run them for lots of our clients but I had never stopped to think about how much money they can actually generate. The article above (and I’ve read it other places before) estimates that he took home almost $50,000 a day. That was AFTER Apple and Google took their share. Even now that he has taken the game down, the residual players are generating enough income for him to have quit his job. Suddenly I find myself reconsidering my chosen line of work.

When I heard the developer was removing the game from the app store I hustled my way over to get a copy out of sheer curiosity. I didn’t know much about it at the time but I’ve grown to understand the appeal of the game. I will admit though, I dont know how people were/are so eager to click on the ads when they are desperately trying to keep the bird from dying.

For those who missed out on the game before it was taken down, you can purchase your own little piece of history on sites like ebay where phones are reported to sell for thousands. Or if you would like, send me an email and we might be able to work out a deal of our own. After all, I’m not above cashing in on a craze 😉

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