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Back to school means fall fundraisers for anyone with kids and anyone who knows anyone with kids. They are getting more creative about it though. It’s more than just chocolate covered almonds. Although really fundraising Gods, why not bring that back? I could go for some right now. Even though it’s 7:25 am.

I haven’t received my package from school yet but it’s coming any day now. On Facebook I’ve seen friends promoting a variety of coupon books, jam, chocolate, popcorn, fruit (anyone else getting hungry?), but the most unique one so far has been the pizza kit from Little Caesar’s. That one was kind of cool.

We, as people with kids and people who know people with kids, get hit up for this stuff continually. Sure there’s stuff some of us look forward to every year (who doesn’t like Girl Guide cookies??) but it’s the new or unique ideas that I look forward to seeing or hearing about. Doesn’t mean I’m buying, but I’m at least appreciating.

Beyond the food and the items, I think some of the best fundraisers are the ones that teach kids something. When they need to be actively involved and can feel a sense of accomplishment, then I think the effort is worth it. Having their parents hawk pizzas to co-workers, while delicious, teaches very little in my opinion.

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