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From our vantage point here at zag, I’ve been watching the kids head back to school these last couple of weeks.

It starts with a parade of nervous nubes perfecting their hipsters struts while clutching campus maps, trying to hide their (strictly uncool) flop sweat beneath layers of carefully-aged cardigans and ipod gear. They’re all fresh-faced, offering cultivated personalities to the brand new world they’re facing.

I kind of like watching the spectacle, sweet and nausea-inducing as it is.

But, I admit it, it makes me yearn for the less complicated days when I was in school too. It makes me think about seeking higher-still education. Of course, with a substantial amount of debt still left owing from the last time I had that urge, about the best I can do is contemplate some online courses.

I’ve been to MacEwan, it was great, but I’m ready for another Alma Mater. Which led me to the Royal Roads University. What I found there was even cooler.

Royal Roads recently updated their brand. They’re known for offering some great online courses, so it’s a wonder they hadn’t updated the brand to reflect that sooner. Regardless, they’ve captured the opportunity, while still retaining their connection to their history.

RRU Logo
Based on the famed Hatley Castle (which was featured as Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters in two X-Men films), the logo solidifies its shape in a very nice little piece of visual metaphor.

Well I like it. And I learned something. So hey, I can save myself all that money now. (Especially since after seeing that campus – I really wouldn’t want to settle for the online version anyway.)


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