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“The real question is not: How many ads do we see? The real question is: What do we have to do to see no ads? And the answer is: go to sleep”
– James B. Twitchell

Nowadays, the potential for brand reach is so expansive, there’s no physical or virtual space that goes untouched (which makes our job really fun). However, there’s one platform that’s yet to be tapped: our dreams. Sounds crazy, but it turns out this idea isn’t so far-fetched.

In the video below, a production company out of the Netherlands fast forwards a few years and envisions what a corporate-infused slumber may look like. The company describes:

We see ads everyday and everywhere. They have become part of our life. While some people try to avoid seeing ads, advertisers keep finding new ways to reach us. However they are unable to reach us when we sleep. Our dreams are the last safe and ad-free place, so it seems. But what happens when advertisers have the possibility to enter our dreams? Based on recent developments in brain science and technology, this might be possible in the near future.

Branded Dreams – The Future Of Advertising from STUDIO SMACK on Vimeo.

Of course, the first brand in line is a company we all know and love. So rest easy; we’re coming for ya!

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