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One of my favorite things to do in the summer is visit as many patios as I can. In Edmonton, it seems like every year, new little gems pop up and I am always excited to try them all out. Here is a list of my top 10 patios picks in the city for drink and eats.


  1. CRAFT Beer Market – Beware of sunburns, they come out of nowhere on this patio.
  2. MKT Fresh Food & Beer Market – Great beer flights and beer blends. Mmmm…Beeeeer.
  3. Julio’s Barrio – Nachos, bulldogs, expanded patio, people watching on Whyte Ave. Enough said.
  4. O’Byrne’s Irish Pub – Great group hangout. If you get the end table, the people and car watching makes for a fun drinking game.
  5. 02’s Taphouse and Grill – Be careful not to drink too many bulldogs or the rooftop air will start to feel thin out. Or else you are getting tipsy.
  6. Local Public Eatery – Boot Caesar’s are a great way to start off a Sunday Funday.
  7. Brewsters Brewing Company – Great atmosphere. Plus the menu is entertaining to read.
  8. The Black Dog Freehouse – You can party the night away in the ‘fresh’ Whyte Avenue air rather than a stinky stuffy bar.
  9. The Next Act Pub – If you are lucky enough to land a spot, don’t move. The best tables are hard to come by.
  10. Casa de Marilee – The drinks are cheap, the view never changes and bed is only a few steps away.


  1. Doan’s Vietnamese Restaurant – Lunchtime vermicelli in the downtown sun (or shade). Many table options to suit the level of sun you desire.
  2. Nineteen – Great date night location with heaters, windscreens and a fireplace. The food rocks too.
  3. Violino Classic Italian Restaurant – An Italian gem that makes you feel like you are in a different city.
  4. Chianti Café and Restaurant – Large patio that gets great sun. Pasta Tuesday’s are affordable and delicious.
  5. The Parlour Italian Kitchen & Bar – Whether an afternoon lunch in the sun, or an evening dinner by the fireplace, the ambience won’t disappoint.
  6. Under the High Wheel – Amazing brunch on a small patio. Go on a Saturday so you can shop at the market after.
  7. Urban Diner – Diner food is always delicious. Enjoying it in the sun? Even better.
  8. The Sugarbowl Bar & Café – Great food, awesome atmosphere. Arrive early or you won’t get a seat!
  9. Harvest Room at Hotel Macdonald – The view is amazing and surroundings are quaint. You will leave feeling like royalty, and who doesn’t want live a day in the life of Will and Kate these days?
  10. Casa de Ma & Pa – Mom’s home cooking on a Sunday afternoon. It really doesn’t get better than this!

Happy Patio Picking!

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  2. Asdwwe says:

    Davina – We were so lucky to have you and kat shoot us for our engagement/wedding. Congratulations on the neswet sweet addition to the family, best wishes for all future endeavors, and i wish you and kat good luck with being in-laws in the future haha. Thanks again for all the wonderful pictures you took of us. You two will always be my dream team!

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