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So it is no real secret that I am a big lover of living downtown.  I love it even more in the summertime though.  We have the river valley, the sun (ok you get that all over the City) and the ever growing ability to be able to walk most places for a coffee, groceries, or a glass of wine with a friend.  We have the City Market on 104, numerous festivals, food trucks, and so many more things.  Every weekend and weekday leads to more things to discover and things to do which I see grow every year.  You can even rent a Segway in Louise McKinney Park now.  There is also the addition of the Mercer Tavern on 104 Street which has great big windows that open onto the street.  There is no question in my mind that Downtown Edmonton just keeps getting better and better.  If you haven’t been by in awhile – check it out – if you have, keep it up!

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