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As a designer, I have a plethora of resources I turn to when seeking inspiration for different projects. However, there is one website I have as my browser home page, it is always the first page I see before I start work every morning, Designspiration. It functions as a sort of slimmed down version of Pinterest that primarily focuses on graphic design, art, architecture, photography, and a variety of other creative industry related content. It has been a main stop for me whenever I need to jumpstart my creative thinking process.



It is fast and easy to create an account so that you can start saving items you find particularly inspirational, and start collections of your own that contain pieces pertaining to a specific theme (i.e. a collection that contains only Typography or only UI design, etc.). What’s great and unique about Designspiration is the quality of the content that is posted to the site. In order to have work featured on Designspiration, you must upgrade your account and submit a link to your portfolio site, which will then, upon review, grant or deny permission to begin posting your own content on Designspiration. I think that this is a great concept in that it maintains the quality of the content on the site, making it a reliable resource to turn to when seeking out some creative inspiration.

Designspiration, is super easy to navigate giving you the option to search for content by name, which you can accomplish by simply typing anywhere within the website or even by choosing to search through inspiration by colour. Also, with a handful of new features recently introduced to the site, including infinite scrolling, get ready to spend hours sifting through some of the best creative inspiration the internet has to offer.

| November 11 | Design
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