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I never thought I would say this but I miss television commercials.

While they actually havent gone anywhere, we have taken steps to banish them from our home. It started with a PVR where we could fast forward through them and I remember feeling giddy (yes, giddy) at the prospect of selecting which spots got my attention. Then we discovered a way to get the shows we wanted, commercial free. A quick call to Shaw to cancel our cable and 4 months later I have no idea what movies I should watch, what products I should buy or even what jingles I should remember. Now, I will be standing around the water cooler and someone will say “did you see…” and I will make up some excuse about leaving the iron on and running away.

To some this might sound like heaven but I have to be honest – I feel empty inside. As a creative I view things a bit different than the average person and while a lot of those commercials annoyed me I always enjoyed critiquing the overall ideas and execution. Good or bad they always had some level of inspiration to draw from.

In two weeks I am moving to a new home where there is regular cable for all and I am again giddy with excitement. I look forward to the movie trailers, laughing at the sham-wow guy and humming along with Sleep Country Canada.

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