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Getting to know each other better through quirky conversations is one of my favourite things about the zag team. I thought I’d let our readers in on some of the most personal, private and critical details about who we are as individuals:

The zag creative celebrity husband collection!


Ryan Reynolds

“Because he’s Canadian and tall.”


 Pierce Brosnan

“Because he reminds me of my real
husband and he’s so debonair.”


Elvis Presley

 “Because he was my first celebrity crush.”


Leonardo DiCaprio

“Because he’s so smart, and talented and
humble and cares about the environment
and you can tell he thinks about things,
and doesn’t buy into the hype.
And he only dates models.”


(Note: Elliott is a dude,
so we let him choose a wife)

 Mélanie Laurent

“Because I think she’s so pretty and
I love everything she does and her
project choices.”


Liam Hemsworth

“Hollywood is so short! Six foot two and
dem’ blue eyes, mmmm.”


Justin Timberlake

 “Because he’s so hot and funny and he has
moves like nobody else.”


 Scott Foley

“Because on scandal he’s a bad ass but
wants to do good with it. I’ve been following him
since Felicity.”


Chef Ramsay

“Because he’s hot. And I like his no bs attitude.”


 Ryan Gosling

“He’s Canada’s sweetheart.”

 Hannah Javier Bardem
“Because he’s an incredible actor
and he’s also very handsome and
he has that whole foreign thing going.”


| March 3 | Who we are
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