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Annual Summer Checklist

Posted on July 30, 2015 by



The sun is sinking faster every day and there are only 147 days until Christmas – honestly, how does summer come and go so fast?! I always have grand plans for how I am going to spend my summers but every year before I know it, the leaves are gone and W I N T E R is here. Not cool. To make the most of our short summers, there are a few annual activities that I always try to check off my list and I thought I would share them with you in case you are looking for things to do:

  • Float a river hot day
  • Eat an ice cream cone that is so big I can’t finish it before it melts
  • Hit up the Stampede in Calgary for as long as your liver can handle
  • Attend an outdoor concert
  • Go camping and pretend to enjoy the unbearably overheated tent for a weekend
  • Drink as many patio beers as possible before the sun disappears
  • Swim in an outdoor city pool
  • Head to the lake for a day trip

Now you know just exactly what my little summer heart desires every year. So far, I have checked off 5 of these items. Here’s hoping I can complete the rest of the list before the frost bites……


Posted on April 23, 2015 by

The importance of music when it comes to my creative process is integral. From preliminary concepting and sketching, all the way to getting pumped up for a pitch – music feeds my creativity and pushes me to perform to the best of my abilities.

A passion for music was instilled in me from a very young age. Between my dad being a DJ, having music constantly playing in my house, and being in several bands over the years, my relationship with music has been a strong driving force in my life. I not only rely on music to push me creatively, but it is also very therapeutic. Usually if I feel stressed, have a lot on my mind, or am even suffering from a headache, a few hours spent playing or listening to music gets me back to a calm, relaxed state.

I could go on and on about music all day, but instead I will take this opportunity to offer up a shortlist of music on my current daily rotation. Please enjoy.


Broken down by artist and album, tis’ as follows:


OK Go – Hungry Ghosts


The Decemberists – What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World


Death Cab for Cutie – Kintsugi


Neutral Milk Hotel – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea


The Tallest Man on Earth – Dark Bird is Home


Alvvays – Alvvays


Bombay Bicycle Club – A Different Kind of Fix


The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Belong


The Hives – Veni Vidi Vicious


The Vaccines – What Did You Expect From The Vaccines

Celebrity Husband Collection

Posted on March 26, 2015 by

Getting to know each other better through quirky conversations is one of my favourite things about the zag team. I thought I’d let our readers in on some of the most personal, private and critical details about who we are as individuals:

The zag creative celebrity husband collection!


Ryan Reynolds

“Because he’s Canadian and tall.”


 Pierce Brosnan

“Because he reminds me of my real
husband and he’s so debonair.”


Elvis Presley

 “Because he was my first celebrity crush.”


Leonardo DiCaprio

“Because he’s so smart, and talented and
humble and cares about the environment
and you can tell he thinks about things,
and doesn’t buy into the hype.
And he only dates models.”


(Note: Elliott is a dude,
so we let him choose a wife)

 Mélanie Laurent

“Because I think she’s so pretty and
I love everything she does and her
project choices.”


Liam Hemsworth

“Hollywood is so short! Six foot two and
dem’ blue eyes, mmmm.”


Justin Timberlake

 “Because he’s so hot and funny and he has
moves like nobody else.”


 Scott Foley

“Because on scandal he’s a bad ass but
wants to do good with it. I’ve been following him
since Felicity.”


Chef Ramsay

“Because he’s hot. And I like his no bs attitude.”


 Ryan Gosling

“He’s Canada’s sweetheart.”

 Hannah Javier Bardem
“Because he’s an incredible actor
and he’s also very handsome and
he has that whole foreign thing going.”


| March 3 | Who we are
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Office Sublet Opportunity

Posted on January 29, 2015 by

Beautifully designed, the rentable space consists of 4 private offices complete with modern desks and chairs, a private boardroom with direct access off the reception area as well as shared space kitchen facilities and staff decompression area complete with a pool table, ping pong and darts.

The shared space opportunity with zag creative on 104th offers immediate access to LRT and bus transit, restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, boutique shopping, farmers market and Edmonton’s new arena and entertainment district.

Lease terms are flexible. Please email to discuss.

| January 1 | News,Who we are
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Who’s been naughty or nice?

Posted on December 4, 2014 by

This week we came across a fun little app that helped reveal who from our team has been naughty or nice this year.

It’s called Social Santa and it uses Twitter to determine if Santa should leave you with a lump of coal in your stocking on Christmas day.

So who made the naughty list? It’s time to find out!




Besides Hannah (LOL), those are kind of disappointing results hey? All those 0% mean they haven’t done a SINGLE thing naughty on Twitter this year.

How did you stack up? Find out at


| December 12 | Who we are
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zag on Global!

Posted on November 21, 2014 by

This past Wednesday, we held our first ever flu clinic! Our friend Jen from Shoppers Drug Mart came in to administer the shots and nasal spray.

Yesterday, we spoke to Global News Edmonton about our attempt to help stop the spread of influenza.  Check out the video below!


| November 11 | News,Who we are
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We Are All In!

Posted on October 2, 2014 by

We lifted boxes, we pushed heavy thingy’s around, we flexed all our muscles (including the patient ones) and we worked as the rock star team that we are, to get it done. We are officially in our new space and it’s ah-maaaaaazzzzing!

I can’t believe we’re here; in the heart of it all. Feel free to stop by at #301, 10154 – 104 Street and check out our new digs. All I can say is, if you thought our last office was cool, wait until you see THIS place! (Insert squeal of joy here)

I love this neighbourhood already. Credo Coffee is below us (I anticipate frequenting it even more than I did before). Kelly’s Pub is also our new neighbor and if you haven’t heard, they have jamaoke on Thursday night where you can sing karaoke with the band. Why do I know this? Well, I may have partaken in this maybe one or two times before. Maybe.

There are so many places to eat or grab some wine after work too. Tzin is across the street, which is a lovely little wine bar and Dauphine Bakery & Bistro is a hop, skip and a jump away for fabulous European delectableness. While unpacking boxes last night, we picked up a burger from The Burg just down the way. I’m still full.

We are so happy to be here and can’t wait to discover the rest of our new neighbourhood.

Check out some of the photos from the move below!


Boldly Going

Posted on September 18, 2014 by

I love our cozy office. Its homey atmosphere has been a great place to share a cup of coffee and great ideas with a great team.

But, our ideas just got too big for 107th street, so we’re moving them to an awesome new space in the heart of downtown. I’m super excited about the new home we’ve found down 104th – one of the coolest streets in the city!

Our trendy new space has all the personality and heart of our old office, but with a little extra space for us to think even bigger (not to mention a secret passage leading to our new boardroom.) That’s right, our new office is basically Hogwarts.

I look forward to seeing you all in our new space, and maybe even meeting across the street for some of Blue Plate Diner’s legendary mac and cheese.

I should also mention that if you’re looking for a great office space downtown, our old office is now available for rent. Just shoot us an email if you’re interested.

| September 9 | News,Who we are
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Posted on September 19, 2013 by

Every once in a while someone suggests we should understand each other better and hauls out the old Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. I say, hey, great, who should I be today, and start in on the hour of boss-sanctioned internet survey time.

I mean really, I’m all for the self-awareness, so long as I get to be Voldermort. Though apparently I don’t.

By my count our office has a Draco Malfoy, a Fred Weasley, a Remus Lupin, 2 Severus Snapes, 2 Albus Dumbledores and a Neville Longbottom. I’m thinking our plotline is big on accountability, motivation and helping and short on reckless. Which is about what you’d expect for a strategic marketing firm.

Not a fan of Harry Potter? Check out who you’d be if you were Disney-fied, or other fictional characters. And just in case you think those Potter MBTIs were bogus (yeah, I heard the rumbles), here’s a different take on it.

* Hope you got the giggle!

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Posted on February 21, 2013 by

My friend loves to take as many pictures as I do (oh, you know who you are).

As my networking buddy, when her and I go out to events which we often do, we have to capture the essence of the evening.  We have to capture our friends capturing the evening.  We have to capture our friends enjoying the foods as they capture the evening.   We actually even capture each other, capturing the evening.

Recently, we took a trip to New York City and her and I had two cameras going which provided two completely different perspectives, which was awesome.

What better way to lock a moment in time but through photos.  Sure, we get teased for all the photos that we take however, everyone loves looking at all of the pictures later as it takes us back to those special moments all over again.

I suppose this is why I enjoyed this so much.  I have to remember these fun tips on our next photo-fest.

I’ve also been on many a photo shoot where we’ve had to encourage the talent to relax.  From now on, I’m going to share this link with them before the camera starts clicking.

706097_10151288503869883_290810030_o-1      324525_10151288499634883_1780386194_o



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