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I love/hate email

Posted on March 16, 2012 by

I’ve read a number of articles about email lately for some reason, which is actually quite timely as I have been contemplating my hatred of it.  What I have come to learn though is this:

1)  Many people incorrectly and ineffectually use email

2)  It’s ok NOT to reply

3)  I have let email control my life

Now to explain:

1)   Incorrect and ineffective usage of email is sending paragraphs and barfing information and questions everywhere.  Obviously there are some exceptions here but as a rule, email should be about quick communication.  Emails that are too long and do not highlight main points are not respective of the reader’s time, run the risk of not being read and worse, not responded to.

Email spammers and blabbers of the world take note, your emails might not be getting read.

2)   NNTR – No need to reply.  I understand we are all polite people but we don’t need to send emails that say “thanks”, “ok”, “got it” and “stand by”.

This is something I’m going to try really hard not to do because like the rest of the world, I am a big offender.

3)   I am guilty of sending incorrect and ineffective emails sure, but I’m also guilty of LETTING email get the better of me.  I check it incessantly.  It’s really quite sad but when I look and see that I have email, I feel the need to deal with it right away.  Of course the sheer amount of email I get also makes regular checking necessary.

So instead of letting email derail me, I’m going to try to only check it every 20 mins. (ish) during work hours.

If you need me urgently or have a lot to say, you might want to call!


This past Tuesday the apocalypse came.

Posted on September 23, 2011 by

Yes, I am a Rogers customer and when my phone wouldnt work I truly thought it was the end. First I experienced anger (which escalated to a bit of rage), then confusion, acceptance and finally understanding. If you had told me before this day that I would feel that lost without being able to call anyone I would have labelled you crazy. But as I drove to meet a friend and frantically dialed over and over only to have my phone cut out I realized how much I really rely on it. I even wondered how I would get a hold of her to make sure we were still meeting. Do they even have payphones anymore? And if I found one, how would I pay – I dont carry change? And then there are the germs but thats a whole other post…

So how did I survive? After considering which stores to loot first when the riots started, I broke a lesser law (shhhh) and found my way onto Facebook while at a set of lights (dont worry they were red). It was there I discovered that the 3G network had crashed and I could simply modify my settings and rejoin the free world. Now I know I have talked about my strained relationship with Facebook in the past but I do have to say that without it in this instance there is no telling what kind of mess I would have been. I seem to owe them my sanity. How is that for scary?

Since that fateful day I have been trying to distance myself from my phone. I dont take it to bed at night anymore or let it ride shotgun in the car. I am working toward a more technology free existence so that should this happen again I wont feel as lost or alone. I will let you know how it goes.

| September 9 | Technology
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A Blog Not About Vancouver

Posted on June 16, 2011 by

Dear Technology,

Why must you be so damn awesome?

First you woo me with your apple flavoured goodness, then you dazzle me with your efficiency and now you’re going to enhance my living room shopping experiences?!  *Swoon*.

If there’s one thing I really dislike, it’s shopping. Yet I like shiny new pretty things. Mall outings make me nauseous. First there’s driving there. Then parking. If that weren’t enough to make you just stay home, there’s the crowdedness of not-so-happy people. This is why something like Kinect shopping appeals to a slightly introverted soul such as myself. I thought it was pretty cool and thought you might too.

I realize this also somewhat ties in to Alyson’s last blog post about human interaction going by the wayside. Maybe it’s not going away; maybe it’s just changing. We’re still interacting; we’re just doing it in a different way. While I don’t want to deal with people in some situations, I do want to connect with people. I text my friends, Skype my mom, email everyone and talk on the phone. In fact I’m never NOT connected (yes, never not). Hmmmmm, maybe it’s time for less interaction?

iPad for pets

Posted on June 10, 2011 by

I have a cat – and while I love having a pet who thinks I am the centre of the universe, sometimes I wish he would find a way to self entertain. Lazy? Yes. Mean? Maybe a little.

When I heard that Friskies had developed a fun way to entertain pets via an iPad app I was all over it. I don’t feed my pet Friskies but he doesn’t know that so I didn’t feel bad shoving a glowing logo under his nose and seeing what would happen. In my head I envisioned him turning into a gamer who just couldn’t live without the soft light coming from the screen as he chased the swimming fish around in the water. Instead of dragging a toy around the house behind me I would just sit him in front of the ipad and go about my business (I am going to make a great parent someday). Or maybe we would add one more seat to our desk and the three of us could stare at our screens for hours at night.

So what really happened? He took a look at it and left. No matter what we tried he just didn’t seem to care that there were things moving around on the screen. We even went as far as working his paws for him and nothing. My dream died when he returned with one of his old mice to throw.

After my super scientific experiment, I am left wondering is it just my cat or are pets not quite ready to join us in our digital era?

| June 6 | Technology
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ipad. iwanted. ihave.

Posted on October 21, 2010 by

When I first heard of the ipad I was skeptical. Aside from the name (which I still don’t like) I didn’t understand how there could possibly be a need for one with a Macbook and iphone already sharing custody of my free time. I admit I was wrong.

We have had one here for about a month now and the part that has surprised me the most is the amount of ways we can use it for our business. From notes you can take and email directly, to the obvious sketch book applications to using it as a portfolio its a really handy device. I cant help but feel though, that there are some hidden apps out there that would make it even better. I have spent the majority of my time looking through the free ones but now that the ipad and I have been together for a little while, it feels ok to spend some cash on her. So if you have any apps that you have heard of or ones that you would die without – let me know!

| October 10 | Technology
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