zag creative
Herbal Essentials

The Challenge

Our team was commissioned for a highly time sensitive website project for Herbal Essentials in Dubai. With an upcoming tradeshow, the company was in need of a redesign for their site to better align with their brand, enhance the user experience and bring more prominence to “how to buy” and “why to buy” features to boost online sales.

The Plan

By revamping the website, our team was able to make product information more accessible and the sales process more seamless for online customers as a means of maximizing ecommerce. We carried this theme of optimization throughout the site with the addition of call to action messaging on each page promoting products and specials and integrating video features to the product pages to better streamline content. We also revised the website to be more reflective of the brand by changing the colour palette and look to align better with the product packaging.

The Results

Our team was able to meet the challenging project timeline and is currently working with the client on next steps for their business.