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A recent discussion about a book on creative thinking skills got me pondering whether creativity can be taught.  As I hit Google to find out more, it seems I’m not the first to have a think on this topic. Not even close.

So there are people that say no and people that say yes and everyone in between.  My personal opinion is this:

You can teach anyone any kind of skill, but their personal aptitude and how much they practice is what determines how good they are at it.  I also think you can teach certain creative thinking skills, but not creativity.  Kind of like athleticism.  You can teach athletic skills and have those skills put into practice but that will not necessarily make someone an athlete.

I think everyone is at least a little creative, but not all of us are “creatives”.  Is this scientific and conclusive evidence of my hypothesis? Nope, it sure isn’t. But it makes sense to me.


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