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It’s hot. There’s no way around it – it’s just hot. Am I complaining? NOPE! But there seems to be a lot of people who are… and I am secretly calling all of you “haters” in my head while I smile to your face…

It’s summer people and summer is fun. All of you hot-haters are really bringing down team moral here!

In an effort to save the spirit of summer I have compiled a list of what I believe to be the best ways to “beat the heat”:

1)   Cut a watermelon in half. Plunge your bare feet into each half. Wear the melon slippers the rest of the day.

2)   Find a friend, grab your rackets and go to the tennis courts. But instead of using tennis balls, use beach balls. If anybody gives you funny looks, just tell them you forgot your glasses.

3)   Go to a crowded area and play cold potato with strangers (same idea as hot potato, but with a cold water balloon). The key to this one is just throwing the potato – without asking anyone to play with you 🙂

4)   Go to a movie theater (air conditioning) with a few empty gift cards and try to buy tickets. Repeat this process until you have gone through each and leave (don’t forget your scene card!)

5)   Pour water on yourself, find someone bigger than you and make a wise crack – then…RUN!

*Disclaimer: Do these at your own risk… That is all.


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