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I’ve always liked to build things.

When I was a kid, it was elaborate sand castles adorned with starfish and clamshells while exploring the incredible beaches of Vancouver Island.

Then it was magnificent tree forts, built precariously and situated high into the trees up above the world (oh ya…there was that time where I fell asleep in my tree fort only to wake up with a bunch of birds on me).

I also remember our group building project in which every kid on our block used remnants of plastic, sticks and carpet from the garbage piles from new construction sites.  Together, we created an impressive community of tee pees complete with gardens, clotheslines and pathways to each “house”.

Lastly, the budding entrepreneur in me showed up, while setting up shop with my first ever, homemade huckleberry and lemonade stands on our neighborhood street.  That was a hit, especially on those hot summer days.

The truth is, I get a thrill from the building process when it all starts with a vision.  A “could be”.  A “what if”.  Then it moves from inspired thoughts, mixed with excitement, a lot of anticipation, a whole bunch of planning, a ton of action, and definitely some naïve “who says we can’t do it”. Then the most fun happens when you begin to play with a group of other people who feel the same way.

Together, before we know it, we’re onto something.

Today I feel that same childhood giddiness with what we’re doing now here at zag creative group and boy, am I ever excited.

We’re building something good.

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