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Brush up on brushes

Designers, let me lay out a hypothetical situation for you and you let me know if it sounds familiar: You find the perfect photo for a horizontal ad, you layout your ad perfectly, and it looks great. Then suddenly that ad size gets revised to vertical. You might think this is no big deal at first but when you look at the photo you chose, you realize you don’t have enough height on the photo to balance the ad, and that the top of the model’s head is cut off and she has really curly hair, at which point you realize you’re now basically living in a nightmare.

But don’t worry guys, you don’t have to be haunted by the lost hours you spend trying to draw out every errant hair to fill your photo. There’s a better way, which is to download a whole bunch of awesomely well-crafted Photoshop brushes.

Marvelous fellow designers all across the Internet have developed beautiful brushes that you can use to fill in hair, skin, and basically anything else you need. Here’s a few that I love to use for all sorts of different projects. Use them to fix, paint, or add a little spice to your photoshopping life:

Water Colour Brushes: Great for painted effects for illustrations.

Skin Brushes: I know – sounds kind of serial killer-y, but great for touching things up.

Hair Brushes: Perfect for the aforementioned nightmare scenario.

Smoke Brushes: Great for cool type effects.

Butterfly Brushes: Because they’re so pretty!

| May 5 | Design
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