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IMG_2015-08-07 10:23:05Movies and TV shows often portray interns as young, decent looking students who specialize in making coffee, asking redundant questions, and being the target of verbal abuse from everyone in the company. Jas and I both agree though that as interns, aside from the decent looking part, we’ve experienced none of these things.

I’ve been with zag since the beginning of June as their first ever social media intern and from the interview I knew that being an intern here was going to be nothing like the movies. Things at zag are different, and not different like when your mom would say it, but different like a breath of fresh air after walking through a forest fire. To demonstrate, here’s my list of my 5 favourite things about being an intern at zag:

  1. The coffee machine. Coffee and I go way back; it’s a pretty serious relationship. Working as an intern here has only brought me and coffee closer together with zag’s incredible and complex coffee machine that, just like a relationship, originally intimidated me but now we’re going steady.
  2. The downtown lifestyle. On my first day, I played “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton the entire ride downtown specifically for the line “Making my way downtown…” I live east of Sherwood Park, and even though I go to school downtown, working on 104th street has been really neat. It’s awesome to be around so many cool restaurants and shops!
  3. The company. I promise I’m not getting paid to say this, but zag creative is actually a really rad place to work. They have some really awesome projects on the go and it’s incredible to see the unique stuff they do. The people that work here have such a unique set of skills that come together like rum and coke, getting the world drunk on creative ideas and killing it everyday. They also have a really cool looking office and I have a lovely view from my desk of a whiteboard window drawn by Kat, where it’s always raining.
  4. The experience. I’m graduating from university in December and getting this type of hands-on experience has so much value. I have learnt so much about how to actually do interactive marketing online and also how to work in an agency setting. It’s been incredible to have the opportunity to get my hands dirty in different projects and learn lots of new things.
  5. The people. The people I’ve met at zag are stellar. They’re not only so incredible at what they do, but also hilarious, hip, so stylish, and really fun to be around. They love sangria, animals, and have the most hilarious stories. From day one, being part of a really strange lunch conversation, I knew that these people were the type of people I’d want to work with. Coming into work early summer mornings was made so bearable knowing that I’d be around such positive and interesting people, and probably laugh at least once.

Being an intern at zag creative this summer has taught me so much about the industry that I want to work in. Every chance I get, I brag to my friends about my awesome internship at one of the coolest companies there is. It all feels kind of surreal to be here. I’ve met some amazing people, been part of some amazing things, and couldn’t have asked for a better way internship. #inTurndownforwhat

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