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Adapt and Survive

If you can’t change behaviour adapt to it. Take driving for example. When seat belts were not being used as widely as hoped for, the airbag was developed. Today, seat belts and airbags are used in tandem, but it took several decades.

In marketing, it is important to understand this concept. You can’t make a consumer do something that they don’t want to do, but you can adapt to their behaviour. This is where some of the most brilliant marketing ideas come from.

Look at newspapers and books. Yes some people still read the conventional book, (I myself prefer a nice paperback to a Kindle) but a lot of people prefer to get their news online.

Remember the days when you would go to a store to buy something you really needed? Now most stores offer online shopping, free shipping, and other add ons in order to keep your business coming.

What about the TV guide. When is the last time you used one of those? It is all on demand and at your fingertips now.

Adapting to consumer behaviour and using ingenuity are the ways to an successful and non-extinct future in an ever changing world.

So get out there and adapt, don’t fight it, its healthy.

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