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I never go anywhere.

It could be my fear of crowds, the lure of my sofa or just my anti-social nature. Whatever the reason, when I decided to attend the GDC’s PICA Conference I was filled with the strangest sense of panic. Most people would be thrilled with the prospect of spending 3 days nerding out with designers in the mountains (ok, maybe not most people but certainly the designerly types). All I could think of is how I was going to force myself to socialize from the dark corner I intended to blend in with.

I am happy to report that all that panic and worry was for nothing. The conference was amazing and I would highly recommend attending the next one. I could tell you all about it but these folks do a much better job (and they have fun photos).

Now, a week later as I settle back into my daily routine and reflect, I realize I left Banff with three very important lessons:

1. Socializing with other designers is actually very easy at a conference. There is plenty of alcohol flowing and you can just grab your drink and head to the nearest dark corner. There are very likely already 3-4 others trying to hide there that you can strike up a conversation with.

2. There are a lot of famous Jewish Canadians. This is sorta one of those “had to be there” comments. Lets just say I now know a lot about Percy Faith and even helped decorate a cake in his honour.

3. The Fairmont Banff Springs is a lovely OLD hotel. Dont let anyone convince you that its age means that its haunted or that “The Shining” was filmed there (or that your hairdryer caught on fire for either of those reasons). Your sleep will not be a sound one.

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