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Celebrity Husband Collection

Posted on March 26, 2015 by

Getting to know each other better through quirky conversations is one of my favourite things about the zag team. I thought I’d let our readers in on some of the most personal, private and critical details about who we are as individuals:

The zag creative celebrity husband collection!


Ryan Reynolds

“Because he’s Canadian and tall.”


 Pierce Brosnan

“Because he reminds me of my real
husband and he’s so debonair.”


Elvis Presley

 “Because he was my first celebrity crush.”


Leonardo DiCaprio

“Because he’s so smart, and talented and
humble and cares about the environment
and you can tell he thinks about things,
and doesn’t buy into the hype.
And he only dates models.”


(Note: Elliott is a dude,
so we let him choose a wife)

 Mélanie Laurent

“Because I think she’s so pretty and
I love everything she does and her
project choices.”


Liam Hemsworth

“Hollywood is so short! Six foot two and
dem’ blue eyes, mmmm.”


Justin Timberlake

 “Because he’s so hot and funny and he has
moves like nobody else.”


 Scott Foley

“Because on scandal he’s a bad ass but
wants to do good with it. I’ve been following him
since Felicity.”


Chef Ramsay

“Because he’s hot. And I like his no bs attitude.”


 Ryan Gosling

“He’s Canada’s sweetheart.”

 Hannah Javier Bardem
“Because he’s an incredible actor
and he’s also very handsome and
he has that whole foreign thing going.”


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A Clean 2015

Posted on January 9, 2015 by

Two things happened to me last year that made me want to dedicate 2015 to doing better for the environment.

The first thing, was learning so much about the nuances of what the world is doing wrong when it comes sustainability.

The second, was realizing how lucky we are to live in a country with so many amazing natural resources that deserve our respect.

This article outlining the pollution crisis in China made me especially grateful to be Canadian – when witnessing how bad things have gotten in other places around the world.

My new year’s resolution this year, is to simply remember everyday how lucky I am to have clean air and water at my fingertips and to show my gratitude by giving back and doing my part to help create a greener environment.

It’s the little things…

Posted on October 16, 2014 by

Any creative person knows that inspiration can come from some weird places at times. Recently, some of my most creative moments happen just by looking at random things on my desk.

Two things in particular have been bringing me little extra joy lately that I thought I’d share.

My mini-notepad:
Not only do I find this miniature notepad hilariously novel, but for some reason every time I use it to write an idea down, my thoughts become more focused and clear as a result of having to write so small and concentrated to fit word onto the page. To be honest though, it just makes me smile.
mini notepad



Pasquale the tiny dinosaur Pasquale:
My tiny dinosaur pal. Pasquale was given to me by Hannah awhile back and has been an active participant in all my brainstorming ever since. Yes, he’s a bit grumpy in the morning but he really lightens up after lunch.


They’re just too adorable to keep to myself and the fact that there are mini puts their cuteness levels through the roof.

Talk Outside the Box – Cultivating Creativity at Pixar

Posted on May 12, 2014 by

Yes I love Toy Story, but I also respect the heck out of this guy.

Watch this great interview with Ed Catmull, president of Pixar studios – talking about how to manage a creative company, creatively. Specifically, the importance of encouraging conversations outside the linear organizational structure.