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I’m fairly certain that no one in his or her right mind would call me a patient person, unless I’ve gotten better at lying, which I doubt. LOL

Last Sunday found both my roommate and I in pathetic moods (having absolutely nothing to do with our gin consumption the day before I swear!) We were tired and vaguely depressed and generally not accomplishing much, and even my Sunday shopping rituals had failed to produce any excitement. In order to shake us out of our funk I decided the scorching sunlight meant it was the perfect day to take to the cans.

The spray cans that is. I’ve been promising to let my roommate spray paint something for a while now. Within moments we had canvases and cans set up in the yard.

Starting something you’ve never done before (for her spray painting, for me, teaching an artistic technique) is nerve-wracking. Do I know how to explain what I do? Can I control the urge to just take over and do it for her?

She’s nervous about doing something new, and doesn’t consider herself an artist. I’m a novice art teacher and known bossy-pants. But you know what? Something happened in those first few minutes of nervous expression and egg-shell treading: we became engaged in what we were doing and forgot our bad moods entirely.

Learning something new – and giving to others while you’re at it? If you ask me, it’s the surest way to bring out the joy. And it’s summer – we should all be bringing the joy.


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