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The sun is sinking faster every day and there are only 147 days until Christmas – honestly, how does summer come and go so fast?! I always have grand plans for how I am going to spend my summers but every year before I know it, the leaves are gone and W I N T E R is here. Not cool. To make the most of our short summers, there are a few annual activities that I always try to check off my list and I thought I would share them with you in case you are looking for things to do:

  • Float a river hot day
  • Eat an ice cream cone that is so big I can’t finish it before it melts
  • Hit up the Stampede in Calgary for as long as your liver can handle
  • Attend an outdoor concert
  • Go camping and pretend to enjoy the unbearably overheated tent for a weekend
  • Drink as many patio beers as possible before the sun disappears
  • Swim in an outdoor city pool
  • Head to the lake for a day trip

Now you know just exactly what my little summer heart desires every year. So far, I have checked off 5 of these items. Here’s hoping I can complete the rest of the list before the frost bites……

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