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What does it take to be a top firm?  Demand excellence, surround yourself with positive, intelligent, driven individuals and just let your dream grow.

At zag creative group inc. we demand excellence from ourselves and the people that we surround ourselves with.  What does this mean?  Great service, great campaigns, great strategies, and most importantly, great relationships and experiences.

After ten years in the industry working with amazing clients from NHL teams like the Edmonton Oilers to not-for-profit organizations such as The Good Samaritan Society and the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, all the way across the board to the arts with clients such as the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, the Fringe Festival and the Edmonton Opera, I am just getting started, which is exciting.

You will hear from me from time to time on this blog, chatting about stuff.  That’s right, just stuff.  It will hopefully inspire you, help you to understand a little more about zag creative group inc. and just plain amuse you.

I am by no means a writer. I leave that to the specialists at zag, but I do like to share my passion, teach and inspire others.  So don’t expect brilliant writing, just read and enjoy.  After all…life is short, don’t take it so seriously.


| February 2 | Who we are
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