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Remember when there used to be pay phones and no one worked on Sundays – like ever?  I will admit that I’m one of those people who can’t seem to function properly without my iPhone and can barely remember a time without the world’s knowledge at my fingertips.

While I don’t miss having to spend hours in the library to find out something I can now Google in seconds, I do think we may tend to forget some of the simpler things that make life better.

In an effort to find that balance between work and real life, I’m bringing simple back. (Wow, a Timberlake reference – who would have thought?)

I am going to turn off the phone, leave the office and:

– Go for family bike rides

– Invite friends over at the last minute to sit on the deck and drink beer

– Head outside for a whole day (meals too)

– Write my grandmother a letter

That is if it ever stops raining.  Until then you can find me in on my laptop or iPhone.

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