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My friend loves to take as many pictures as I do (oh, you know who you are).

As my networking buddy, when her and I go out to events which we often do, we have to capture the essence of the evening.  We have to capture our friends capturing the evening.  We have to capture our friends enjoying the foods as they capture the evening.   We actually even capture each other, capturing the evening.

Recently, we took a trip to New York City and her and I had two cameras going which provided two completely different perspectives, which was awesome.

What better way to lock a moment in time but through photos.  Sure, we get teased for all the photos that we take however, everyone loves looking at all of the pictures later as it takes us back to those special moments all over again.

I suppose this is why I enjoyed this so much.  I have to remember these fun tips on our next photo-fest.

I’ve also been on many a photo shoot where we’ve had to encourage the talent to relax.  From now on, I’m going to share this link with them before the camera starts clicking.

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