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It could because I’m fully engulfed in the Christmas Spirit.  It could be because I applaud youthful enthusiasm and raw creativity.  It could be because I loved all of the stunning cinematography and how it spurred Canadian pride in me.  It could also be because this young lad reminds me of my own son playing his drums when he was his age.  Or it is likely all of the above.

Whatever the reasons, when I came across this video last weekend, I had to watch it a few times.  Sean Quigley is a sixteen year old, grade 11 student from Winnipeg who produced, directed and edited this rock heavy rendition of “Little Drummer Boy”.  Oh, and he also arranged, composed, recorded, mixed and mastered the song in addition to playing all the instruments on the track.

In an interview with CBC News, Sean said “Drummer Boy speaks to me so much. The whole song is a story. It’s about this boy who gets word of Jesus being born and he goes to see him and he doesn’t have anything to give him; he’s like I don’t have money, I don’t have gifts to give you. But I can play my drum and that’s more than enough.”

What lingered with me long after watching Sean was how much I was inspired by his courage and conviction for it takes a degree of reckless abandonment and inner confidence to fearlessly share your gifts with the world and to believe, much like the real drummer boy in the song, that your offering is simply honest, pure and more than enough.

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