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A strategy doesn’t have to be big to be effective.  Sometimes it’s the little things that are the most brilliant.

Case in point: A tiny slip of paper crammed into my doorjamb contained a simple message and a solid strategy.  The message was from a local enterprising youth about the fact that he wanted to go to soccer training camp. To raise money, he was looking for bottles.

Now here’s is where it gets good:

He wrote, “If you have any bottles that you would like to donate, please leave them outside by your garage or driveway with this paper attached and I will come around Saturday morning to pick them up.”

Why do I think this is smart? This kid has made it so easy on himself and his potential donors.

He doesn’t have to waste time going door to door saying the same thing over and over again. He doesn’t have to wait for people to answer the door (hoping they won’t avoid him like I probably would have).  He doesn’t have to deal with cranky people, harried mothers, lonely seniors or scary dogs.  He doesn’t have to wait while they round up bottles either. He’s also made it easy to donate by giving advanced notice.

He’s possibly worked to increase his success rate by making it easier on people to donate and by making donating something they can do when it’s convenient for them.  I realize the “cute kid on your doorstep” approach is also effective but perhaps he’s not that cute.

His timing was also impeccable with delivering his computer generated scraps of paper on a Friday morning.

All in all, I think this kid is smart.  He’s taking the calculated risk of loosing some donations from depersonalizing his approach but on the flip side he’s made the process easier for himself and his potential donors.

I likely would have avoided his knock upon my door or been annoyed when it came at an untimely moment in my day but because of his slip of paper, I was more than happy to set out some bottles.

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