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Dear Technology,

Why must you be so damn awesome?

First you woo me with your apple flavoured goodness, then you dazzle me with your efficiency and now you’re going to enhance my living room shopping experiences?!  *Swoon*.

If there’s one thing I really dislike, it’s shopping. Yet I like shiny new pretty things. Mall outings make me nauseous. First there’s driving there. Then parking. If that weren’t enough to make you just stay home, there’s the crowdedness of not-so-happy people. This is why something like Kinect shopping appeals to a slightly introverted soul such as myself. I thought it was pretty cool and thought you might too.

I realize this also somewhat ties in to Alyson’s last blog post about human interaction going by the wayside. Maybe it’s not going away; maybe it’s just changing. We’re still interacting; we’re just doing it in a different way. While I don’t want to deal with people in some situations, I do want to connect with people. I text my friends, Skype my mom, email everyone and talk on the phone. In fact I’m never NOT connected (yes, never not). Hmmmmm, maybe it’s time for less interaction?

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