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So I just got back from the other side of the world and you know what I found?

It’s the same thing, only different.

We just returned from a 10-day trip to Dubai & Abu Dhabi and I was blown away specifically with Dubai, for many reasons:

– How a metropolis existed now, where it was only desert merely 7 years ago.

– How the foundation of the Palm Islands was created by dredging sand from the ocean floor (none of it came from the desert, not one truck load).

– How a 7 star hotel was just that.  Almost indescribable.

– How a city of almost 2 million people, and of those people, 80% are foreigners, could boast a 0% crime rate.

– How men could have up to 4 wives (but most younger men are now being counseled by their fathers that 4 wives are too difficult to manage and it’s best to stick with only one wife) but hey, the government will give you a house when you get married.

– How you could get anything in a Souk (market), gold, spices, watches, hooka pipes and “real pashmina silk scarves ma’am, best price for you”.

–  How riding a camel, which by the way, have really, REALLY bad teeth, is kind of like riding a bumpy moose (not that I’ve ridden a moose, I’m only imagining it).

– How wearing an “abaya” or “burqa” really helps you feel like you’re not the minority.

– How there is such a thing in the Emirates Palace as a Gold ATM, where you can put cash in and you get gold out.

– How it took everything in me to not go into the Souk Market, stand there looking at something to purchase, hand on face and say “Hmmm…Dubai or not Dubai, that is the question.”  Well, at least I didn’t ask them for a “3 piece Souk” or something “Tres sheikh”.

– Finally, how warm, hospitable, family and community minded, I found most of the people.

Yet back to same thing, only different part.

I wanted to share some of my favourite memories with you along with a couple of snapshots of advertising that I got a kick out of.   I kept thinking as I captured the images “Now…you don’t see that everyday”.


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  1. Ryan Kenny says:

    Very cool.

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