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Its hard to see the bright side of winter when things are as cold as they have been.

We get so wrapped up in the daily grind of scraping windshields until our fingers are numb, and sitting in traffic for the next 3 hours to head down the street to the grocery store that we cease to see the fun things old man winter has to offer. While the city is hit with Grey Cup fever you may want to take advantage of the warmer weather (and lack of people) and head out and enjoy the snow. You may come home with a renewed love of winter or a great excuse for extended medical leave.


The dog needs to go out for a walk anyway so why not fit him with a harness and bring your skiis along? Think of how cool you will look in the river valley navigating the trails while your pomeranian wishes you would eat less takeout. Source

Shovel Racing

Its exactly how it sounds. Grab a shovel, have a seat and hold on for dear life. Apparently it started as a way for ski lift operators to travel down a mountain quickly and ended up worthy enough of its own World Championship Competition (which was apparently cancelled after 30 years due to legal concerns, shocking). Source

Bob Run Skating

If sliding down a mountain on a shovel isnt exciting enough you can always throw on your skates and head to a bobsled run near you. If you can stay vertical long enough to reach the bottom in one piece you can be expected to reach speeds of up to 90km/hr on your way down. Don’t worry mom, apparently participants wear helmets AND protective clothing so its totally safe. Source

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