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3 steps to cure the wall

As most of you probably already know, our office recently moved to an incredible new space in Icon Tower II on 104th. We have tons more room, and the space is extremely conducive to fostering creativity in our office. Even in our amazing space, however, I still get bogged down once in awhile (okay, usually at 3 PM) trying to think of a new idea, concept, or line. And when I’m blocked I get frustrated. And start spiraling. What if I never have a good idea again? Maybe that bad idea isn’t that bad? Is there still ice cream in the freezer?

To work around what I call “the wall”, I started paying attention to what inspires and distracts me. And because I love lists, I created a 3-Step Plan that I follow to get back on track.

  1. Just stop: The only way to stop spiraling is to stop altogether. Shake it off, take a 5-minute break, read an article on Fast Company, and don’t think about it.
  2. Coffee. ‘Nuff said.
  3. Thought Unload: Take out a piece of paper and write (not type) a list of everything you’re thinking about, regardless of what it is. Usually just writing something down takes the thought out of my head so I can start fresh.

I hope that my 3-Step Plan helps you with “the wall” or any creative challenge you may be facing, and reinforces that good ideas are fostered, not forced.

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