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Not all of us are born organizational wizards. These are the Monica Gellars of the world and, for a long time, we have admired their adorable compulsive ways thinking, “but where do they find the time to colour code AND alphabetize their DVDs? This is insanity!” (And also possibly the year 2000).

So I am about to take this mentality into 2015 and turn your productivity game all the way up. All you need is a smart phone and you, too, can experience the sweet serenity of an organized life—without the time commitment or a DNA-coded Type-A personality.

1. The Ultimate List-Maker: Wunderlist

Grocery lists. Errand lists. Lists of things to do, see, watch, read. Potential baby names. Your future novel ideas. These are what typically make up the chaotic Notes section on an iPhone. After a while this can become an eyesore and you end up using the “search” feature more than you actually write anything. Enter Wunderlist: the app that lets you list out your life, share it with friends or coworkers, sync with all your devices, and actually get stuff done!

2. The Ultimate Closet-Organizer: Closet +

Now you can have all your clothes in a pile at the bottom of your closet, but with your phone camera and this app, you’ll never have to go digging again to put together the perfect outfit! Closet+ is the fashionista’s dream, as you basically have a personal stylist in your pocket, but is also the perfect no-muss no-fuss way to see what you have to work with and put it all together:

3. The Ultimate Note-Taker: Notability

If list making isn’t your thing, or you find there just isn’t enough space for all your thoughts, Notability could be the answer to your prayers. You can organize your notes by subject, colour code, record audio, and write with a stylist (seamless handwriting!) or a keyboard – which means however you take notes best, this app has a way to handle it:

And the best part about your newly organized life? It all just cost you less than $5 for a lifetime of sweet, organized (actually-remembering-what-you-came-to-the-grocery-store-for), bliss.


(You’re welcome).

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